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In Person
We offer a free in office initial consultation for
new clients, to discuss your needs.
While we encourage every new client to come
While we encourage every new client to come
to our office, for a free consultation, we realize
that this is not always possible for everyone.
For those who cannot come to the office in
person, we offer phone consultations. Phone
consultations are NOT free; there are a variety
of reasons that make it necessary to charge for
phone consults. If you desire to do your initial
consultation by phone, call our office to
schedule the appointment. Specify that this will
be a phone appointment. Be prepared to pay a
seventy five dollar ($75.00) fee on a major
credit card at the time you make your
appointment. In the event that you decide to
retain the firm, your payment will be credited
toward any service you select.
Over the Phone
Via Email.

You may contact us via email as well to set
up an in office consultation. The same
policy applies for e-mails consultations as
for phone consultations.
Via Internet
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