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I've been arrested; what should I do?

Don't say anything! Even casual conversations with a police officer can be used against you.

Nothing at all?

Well, almost nothing; here's a few things you CAN SAY:
name, address, date of birth
driver's license, registration, and car insurance
how much bond you can afford

Do I need a lawyer?

Most likely.


Because it takes a lawyer to assess your case, to tell you what you can expect from the
system, inform you of programs that may benefit you, as well as telling you what you can
expect from the system.

Maybe I can go to the first court date myself....

No! This is a bad idea for lots of reasons. It puts you, the accused, face to face with the
person trying to put you in jail. What you say to a prosecutor can be used against you. And
do you think the person prosecuting you really has your best interests at heart?

I'm stopped for DUI; do I take the test?

In Connecticut, refusing the test will result in suspension of your driver's license. If you are
a first offender, think that you may pass the test, or haven't had a DUI in the past ten years,
I generally tell you to take the test. However, if you have a pending DUI, are on probation,
or are facing jail time, it may not be a good idea. In these situations, ALWAYS call the

What's the best way to stay out of criminal trouble?

Obey the law! Alright, we assume you do that. Here's a list of situations that have an
unusually high rate of arrests:
out between 11:00-6:00 am
anyplace you have drugs or alcohol
closing time at night clubs
city streets at bar closing time
adult entertainment venues
rock concerts
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