Family Law FAQ
Do I need to move out before we can

No. Connecticut does not require you to live
apart to get a divorce.

I may be getting divorced. Can I try
marriage counseling?

Yes. Going to counseling will not affect your
rights. Even if you still end up getting
divorced, counseling can help you have an
easier divorce, and help you parent your

I'm scared my spouse may be violent. What
can I do?

First, if you are experiencing violence, or even
the threat of violence, call police
IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, you can apply
for an Application for relief from abuse,
which may get the abusive spouse removed
from the home.

Do we need more than one attorney?

An attorney CANNOT represent both husband
and wife. Whether one or both, or
neither hire an attorney is a decision that needs
to be made.
Why hire an attorney?

An attorney knows the law, the
legal system, and the people in it.
A good lawyer can
save you money, get you a better
settlement, and protect your legal
rights. Sometimes
having a lawyer can save you
from making certain court
appearances yourself.

How long does it take to get
divorced in Connecticut?

Including the mandatory 90 day
waiting period, a divorce takes a
minimum of 120
days. Each divorce is different,
some divorces may take MUCH

How much will I get? Can I get
alimony? Child support?

Most divorces settle with an
agreement. Some do not, and a
judge must decide the issues.
Alimony, and property
settlements, are based on
'equitable' principles. The court
looks at assets, fault, earning
capacity, health, and a variety of
other issues in making a
decision. Child support is
awarded to custodial parents
under the Connecticut Child
Support Guidelines.

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