1. Attorneys have made no promises or guarantees to Client concerning the outcome of the matter,  and nothing in this
Agreement shall be considered as such a promise or guarantee.

2. Client understands that more than one Attorney within the firm or Associate Counsel may represent Client in a given matter.

3. Client understands that in some cases The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain P.C. may associate with other Lawyers to
assist with the Clients’ case and that fees Client pays will be divided between The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain P.C.
and the other Lawyer. The Law Office of  Scott B. Chamberlain P.C agrees that the total fees charged to the Client will not be
increased by this division of fees and will not exceed reasonable compensation, and that full disclosure of the terms will be

4. The prompt payment of fees and costs is important to a successful attorney/client relationship. If fees and costs are not paid
per the agreement, the firm may seek to withdraw from representing you. If your case involves a court matter, the attorney
may seek the court’s permission to be removed as your counsel.

5.The minimum nonrefundable retainer for a file set-up is $750.00 and is $1000.00 once ANY work has begun or if Client
suspends services for more that 30 days.

6. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for all checks  returned unpaid by the Clients’ bank.

7.The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain P.C reserves the right to apply all receipts toward fees until fees are paid in full.

8.Because of the necessity to prepare for, and to follow-up after phone calls, this office bills for phone calls in a minimum of
¼ hour at your billing rate.

9.Travel and telephone time will be billed at the hourly rate.

10.  Ex-parte applications, enforcements of judgments, motions, or appellate work are not included in the fees unless quoted.
The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain P.C will not take any such action without a revised retainer agreement which
specifies such services.

11. All Trial time will be billed on an hourly basis with a minimum of 8 hours, paid in advance for full or partial day.

12. Client shall pay legal interest, attorney fees, and costs, related to any matter placed for collection.

13. Client has the right to terminate services at any time upon substitution of Attorney, at which time all fees and costs
expended are due to The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain P.C.

14. Any request for refund must be made in writing within ninety (90) days of last service.

15. No refunds will be issued directly to Client; therefore please allow a reasonable amount of time for processing and mailing.

16. Client agrees to keep Attorney informed of Clients’ current address and telephone number.

17. A reasonable periodic accounting charge may be debited against a remaining trust balance on a closed file when a Client
cannot be reached at the last address and telephone number Client provided.
Terms and Conditions

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consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. Practice limited to the
State of Connecticut.

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